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Our Company

Transformational Journeys is a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to overseas travel and humanitarian service in the countries of Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, and Kenya.  Headquarters are in Kansas City, Missouri.


The Dream

  The dream for Transformational Journeys emerged in the heart of founder Dan Hickey after twelve years of experience leading overseas trips to the developing world for students, young adults, and professionals.  The dream became a reality in 1997 when a group of young professionals in the Kansas City area caught the vision with him. Together they developed this unique approach to overseas travel, combining humanitarian service, education and the "re-creation" of the human spirit in the traveler as well as the hosts.

Transformational Journeys Mission Statement

"To develop vision, inspire
compassion, and promote
generosity through mutual
service with people of other


We believe there are powerful possibilities for human transformation when partnerships of mutual service are created between radically different cultures.  Paradigms can shift when affluent North Americans are involved in altruistic activity that benefits communities in need.

TJers join with Brazilian laborers to construct a hen house for the Vale do Senhor Orphanage in Recife

Some formative principles of the company are:

People-centered organization-  The core of our mission is to inspire people to grow in the expression of their highest good through service partnerships with people in need.  All of our resources are dedicated to the purpose of human transformation.

Reverse-mission as a priority - We structure experiences for North Americans with financial resources to serve developing communities.  The primary human resources are our neighbors and partners in the developing world.  Working together, they become our teachers and guides, thus creating "mission in reverse".

Value-based events We will honor and serve the needs and objectives of our corporate and private clients as they are congruent with our goals of developing creativity, compassion, generosity, and risk-taking.



The Founder-Director:

Dan Hickey, founder and executive director of  Transformational Journeys is, to a large degree, a product of the world to which he now leads "transformational journeys" -- trips designed to bring about not just a change of scenery but a change of heart.
Dan experienced much more than a change of scenery when at age seven he became a "brasileiro" at heart, moving with his missionary-teacher parents to the land of Brazil.  It was there in the semi-tropical setting of the coastal city of Recife that he received his primary and secondary education and in the process, much more: a real love for Brazilian culture and an abiding appreciation for the values of the simpler lifestyle of the developing world.
Fourteen years of trip leadership experience in academic service-learning trips to Central America, The Caribbean, Brazil and Kenya taught Dan the basics of what makes a successful short-term mission experience.

Dan has established strong relationships of partnership with nationals in our host countries that generate positive and memorable experiences for travelers.  Because of these relationships, our "TJourney people" or "TJers" are treated like family, not tourists.
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